Indiecon – The Independent Magazine Festival

Conference: Friday, Aug 25 – Saturday, Aug 26.
Indiemagday: Sunday, Aug 27.
Hamburg, Germany

Hello, good evening. We want to make a difference. We want to do something more than sit on our asses while others define the values of our future society. Indiecon 2017 will provide a space for printed dreams and utopias, journalism and activism. What makes independent magazine makers from all over the world tick? Which topics are worth our attention? And what impact can small and large publications have?

Speakers and program will be announced here later this year.

You can apply for Early Bird Tickets for the Indiecon Conference by clicking the link below. (If that does not work, please scroll down to the FAQ for further instructions.)

Get Your Early Bird Ticket Here

Tickets are 100 Euros for the two conference days if you're a magazine maker and 300 Euros if you are part of a bigger business (10+ employees). All prices include food and drinks and the usual amount of love and happiness. This offer is valid until March 30. It helps us a lot to know how many people want to attend, so if you decide to apply for a ticket later this year, it will be a tad more expensive.

If you just want to present your magazine at Indiemagday, please click here to register for a space. (If that does not work, please scroll down to the FAQ for further instructions.)

Apply for a space at Indiemagday


General Questions

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Sorry for that. If you want to apply for Indiecon Conference, please send an email with the following information to

Number of normal tickets:
Number of business tickets:
Billing Address:
I publish:
I want to visit Indiecon because:
I am interested in presenting my mag at Indiemagday: yes/no]

If you want to reserve a spot to exhibit and sell your magazines at Indiemagday, please send an email with the following information to

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Private Person / Reseller: yes/no
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What is Indiecon?

Indiecon is a festival for independent magazines. It includes a conference, to be held on Aug 25 – 26. This is issue four, in 2014, we explored what Indie is and constitutes. In 2015 we had a look at what it means to make a magazine and how it pays the bills. Last year's Indiecon focussed on the Indiemag community and its pioneering character.

We are also running Indiemagday, a free trade zone for printed goods on Aug 27 at Hamburg’s Oberhafen.

I’m lost - where do I have to go?

The Indiecon Conference takes place at the Heine-Villa, Harvestehuder Weg 23, 20149 Hamburg. Please use the exact address; there is another Heine-Villa near the river Elbe in Hamburg and you don’t want to go there (although the view is nice). Please be aware: You need to purchase a conference ticket in advance in order to get in – there is no box office!

Indiemagday will take place at Oberhafen, Stockmeyerstr. 43. It’s a 10 minute walk from Hamburg main station. Indiemagday is open to everyone and you don’t need a ticket to attend. If you want to sell your magazine, please apply for a space via e-mail (see above) - and be aware that space is limited and you might have to be quick.

Indiecon Conference

How do I get a ticket for the conference?

You can apply for a ticket using the form on this website. We'll get back to you with confirmation as soon as possible. Why the formality? It's very simple: Indiecon is small and cosy and we only have 100 seats. That's why we prefer people who really produce a mag themselves. It makes no odds whether the circulation is 100 or 100,000. But if you yourself aren't publishing a magazine yet, it could be that we'd give someone else priority for the ticket. But please don't be upset! You can still be in on the act at #indiemagday at the Oberhafen.

I can’t pay that much. What can I do?

We realise that 100 euros is a lot of money – especially if you’re currently putting all your time and cash into producing a magazine. But we promise you that Indiecon is worth it. And food and drinks are included. So please pay for a ticket if you possibly can. However, because we wouldn’t want to exclude anyone with a genuine burning interest in the subject, we are giving away a certain number of tickets to helpers this year, free of charge. You can apply for these by sending us an email (see above). And if it doesn’t work out, we’ll hopefully see each other at Indiemagday the Oberhafen.

Is it possible to return the ticket?

No, I’m afraid it isn’t – sorry. We need to be able to rely on our budgeting at least to that extent. But you can always transfer the tickets to someone else. Please give us a quick call if you plan to do that.

I’ve paid – where’s my ticket?

We will send all tickets out in a batch at the beginning of August.

What will be done with my money?

The revenue from the sale of tickets as well as the monay from our supporters will cover the costs of the event: food, drinks, fringe programme, advertising, travel and accommodation for speakers and helpers. Indiecon is a non-profit, all revenue will go back into the event.

Do I have to register for sessions?

There are only a limited number of places available for workshops on Saturday. We'll be dealing with registration on site on the Friday. If you're not coming until the Saturday, please drop us a line in advance to tell us what you'd like to attend.

Are all the events in English?

Some panel discussions and speeches are likely to be in English and some in German. We will try to provide professional translation (German/English only) on site.

Can I sell my magazine at Indiecon?

You can of course sell your magazine at Indiemagday – just register by sending us an email (see above). You can also send us a sample copy and we’ll consider your mag for the shop at Indiecon Conference – no guarantees for that, though.


How can I participate?

If you want to sell your own magazine, please register by sending us an e-mail (see above). If you just want to read and stroll it’s even easier: Just drop by.

If you plan on selling anything but printed goods, please get in touch beforehand.

What are the prices?

EUR 10 for a single space, EUR 50 for two pallets (small is beautiful). If you need another setup and/or if you are a professional reseller, please let us know. It will be a little more expensive, but since you own a business, we hope you’ll manage. All income will be reinvested into making this an awesome day! The money will be used to create a fine surrounding, to set up a bar and a help desk for all your questions, a charging station and other useful stuff.

Where can I put my magazines?

Any private seller gets a stack of europallets as a basis for his or her display (L×W×H 80cm × 120cm × 72cm). You can build on it – the maximum height is 150cm for opaque surfaces due to fire regulations. You will have to build your own display. Stack your mags, add some flashlights, a look-out, a pole for your speaking parrot – however you wish. Just make sure to build a safe construction! There might not be electricity at each individual space and wireless access is limited.

When do I have to be there?

Buildup is between 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM, please register and pay during this period at the helpdesk on site.

What happens when I get hungry?

There will be a food market and a kiosk which will offer drinks and snacks at fair prices.

Any other questions?

Just ask: